My second time using Tria


Today was my second time using the Tria laser for hair removal. It was easy breezy. I used Tria on my lower legs and for first time on my armpits.

On the lower legs last time I used it on setting number 4 (5 is the highest). I am not sure if my legs were more sensitive today, but it started to be a little uncomfortable and I lowered it to level 3. According to the instructions the higher the level the faster the results will be visible. 

As I said, today I did my armpits for the first time and this area, as expected, is more sensitive, I used Tria on setting 3 and at times it was just a little uncomfortable.  The treatment is super fast, I did it right after the shower and it took less than 10 minutes, it is very convenient.

In general I like this treatment. I was a bit concerned about the shaving part (If you are new to my blog: while using laser hair removal I cannot wax), but it has been OK, shaving is not that bad.

I will do two more bi weekly treatments and then I will start monthly treatments. I will keep you posted with my progress once a month. You can read my previous posts about trying Tria

Note: the product was provided for review 

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