My first experience with laser hair removal at home

using tria

As I told you a couple days ago I am trying Tria today for first time. The home laser hair removal treatment is easier than I expected:

First things first, the machine has to charge before the treatment. My machine was ready from the test the day before.  


Before the treatment, following the Tria instructions, I shaved and cleaned the area. I usually do not shave, so this was different. According to the instructions, if the hair is long, the treatment is more painful.

Using the machine

The machine, as you can see in the pictures, looks like a blow dryer and functions like a gun. You put the machine’s head in an area of the skin and it emits a reds light, and you can see just a little of the light. Repeat in all the areas you want to cover.


I was expecting more pain, but there was actually no pain at all. I think if it is done in more sensitive areas such as the armpits there might be a little of pain, but I have not tried it yet. I think I will do the armpits later on this week. 


It took me about 10 minutes to do half of both legs. The treatment is easy and relatively fast and less messy than other home removal systems such as wax, but it requires attention; I do not think it can be done while watching TV. 


I am not supposed to see any results with one treatment. I have to wait and repeat in two weeks.  In the meantime I have to shave my legs when the hair grows so they look decent.

I will let you know when I do it in my armpits and follow up treatments on my legs. Read: my second experience with Tria

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