I am trying laser hair removal at home


For a long time I have wanted to try laser hair removal, but I did not do it because it is a long and expensive process, and a bit painful. The option to do it at home seemed more attractive to me and I contemplated the idea to buy Tria or a similar product. Luckily, recently I got the opportunity to try Tria.

How is the treatment?
The laser hair removal at home is similar to the professional treatment. The machine has a head that emits a light that eventually will affect the hair follicle and the hair will stop growing. That sounds so awesome, not to have to wax again.     

The treatment seems to be easy, but it is a commitment of about five months. The exact duration depends on each person.    

According to the instructions, in the beginning I have to use the machine every other week for about two months and after that once a month. According to the information provided by Tria you start seeing results after two months and it continues improving.

My first impressions
The only part I do not like is the fact that while I am doing the treatment I can only shave, waxing is a no-no. Oh well, a small sacrifice.


My test
Before starting the treatment I did a test to make sure that my skin will not respond negatively. I did the test in few small areas of my leg varying the intensity levels of the machine that go from 1 to 5. I tolerated well the maximum level, but I will start with level four, just in case. I will be using it on my legs. 

Who can do laser removal?
Tria is very clear that this machine is only for the body. 

Something else to consider is that laser hair removal works well only in certain skin tones and when there is contrast between the hair color and the skin color. Ideally the hair is dark and the skin is light. On the Tria website you can see the skin tones for which it is recommended.      

I'll be doing the first treatment tomorrow and I'll tell you more.
My first time using Tria 

Product was provided for review 


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